Kenguru Pro Australia

Kenguru Professional Australia Pty Ltd is a distributor of Kenguru Professional Static Workout Equipment in Australian region. Kenguru Pro is number 1 in the world for producing quality Calisthenics and Street Workout equipment.

We have both an Outdoor range - suitable for parks, recreational areas and suburban homes - an Indoor rage for any sporting clubs, gyms, homes - and Para range that can be used on both our Outdoor and Indoor equipment to allow for wheelchair access.
We also have a VIP range for those special projects.

Our products are designed by professionals in the industry and made of the highest quality materials. Para Kenguru Pro was developed by one of the head coaches to a national Para-Olympic team.

The equipment is static and hence requires little to no maintenance and is available in a wide range of colours to suit any project and style. Our full range can be seen at our website.

Kenguru Pro has many partners around the world and we would happily refer people to the their respective country representative.

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