Meet Anthony, Advanced Freestyle Bar Calisthenics Champion. This all round creative, uses his vision to drive progression and integrate his love of gymnastics and acrobatics. With hard work and determination Anthony has used calisthenics to overcome some challenges in his life. Inspired by a number of people in particular his family, Anthony was destined to combine performance and strength to achieve in his discipline. A self-aware individual who takes a balanced approach to life. Through music and movement and his proactive nature to keep learning will keep us entertained, inspired and one to watch as he continues to develop.

2017 April Edition


  • 24


How did you get into Bar Calisthenics?
“To start off, as a young boy I've always loved watching the gymnasts in The Olympics defy every law know to man; but at the time my family couldn't afford to put me into gymnastics classes as a child. I got into calisthenics due to a severe accident I had on a fixed gear bike 3 years ago (at the age of 21). Prior to this accident I had no idea what street workout/calisthenics was then a few month into my recovery I was recommended to start doing basic body weight exercise to help strengthen my body. As I was looking on the Internet for body weight exercises I found a video of a calisthenics Athlete named Chris Heria (owner of THENX gym in Florida) who at the time had only a few tutorials and some crazy flying skills on the bars. Seeing this dude do some gymnastic type moves on the bar got me to thinking I could do this too and that's were it all started. So really this all stems from a love of gymnastics and acrobatics as a child. I just never gave up on the dream.”


What motivates you?
“I'm motivated by an array of things. Emotions motivate me. My family and friends motivate me. My father Dr. Sean P Jenkins (a former professional bodybuilder who won the tittle of Mr. World). Others all around the world motivate me and the idea that I will always be learning motivates me. ”


What’s your approach to training?
“So my approach to training has changed over the years, as I never had anyone to teach me how to do what I do. So a lot of trial and error but as of right now my approach to training is to train smart and to not train threw pain (aka learning to listen to my body). I break up static skills into separate days of the week and work lower progressions for time and build up to advanced positions in time. Flexibility is huge in my practice and I typically stretch 1 to 2 times a day depending on the day and my programming. I tend to freestyle 2 times a week with new bar tricks and cleaning up old skills and dismounts. I have my reconvert days with lighter work loads and different structures of core strengthening throughout the week.”


What work’s for you in terms of having a good overall health and wellbeing?
“I feel a healthy mind/body balance is definitely necessary. I tend to eat like a pescatarian but don't limit myself to other meat when I feel my body needs it. I eat junk food ever so often and hardly any sugary drinks. I try not to be to strict as that puts added stress on me that's not needed. A low stress environment is what I try to work in (although that hardly ever happens) but I've learned to not stress over the little things witch makes all this a lot easier. I meditate and try to keep learning as often as I can to keep my brain up to par and use breathing in my every day practices of life.”


What are your thoughts on the role of performance and creativity in Bar Calisthenics?
“In the beginning of this journey I started out with an athletic mindset and approach to this body movement journey but always fancied the gymnastics and acrobatic aesthetic (straight lines/pointed toes/very good ROM). So I trained the toe point as early on in my journey as I could remember. Once I started competing and battling against other athletes I realized I was the only guy that pointed his toes. I really put emphasis on beauty in the movements that were being done at the time not just chucking a move, just to do it - but to do it with a specific intent in mind. Before calisthenics I was a Producer, Musician and an Artist and always had an attachment to the small details that make the difference. Over the course of the last year I have completely changed my views on this movement journey I'm on and I have started thinking and identifying more as an ARTIST rather then an ATHLETE”


Tell us about some of the things you like..
“If you look at my Instagram account you can quickly notice that acrobatics and street workout is only a small portion of my every day life. I'm a Producer/DJ/Musician and I love to play my drums every chance I can! Also I'm a big 80 movies guy and my girlfriend and I watch a film or 2 almost every time we hang out. I spend a lot of time with my girlfriend haha. I like drawling and creating. I think really I'm just obsessed with learning and the ways that our brains retain and process information. I am a pretty spiritual individual and I'm constantly visualizing my next moves. I attribute this visualization to a lot of my progress and/or successes in this sport. Right now I'm in the process of learning the world of business and finance so that I can open my own fitness, heath and wellness life coaching center to help others..”



Catch him next at Muscle Beach Calisthenics Comp: 20th May

Find out more and follow Anthony at: @anthology92

Training Group: Phoenix Dynamics