From the second you watch this energetic individual you get a sense he’s ready to embrace the moment. Motivated and ready to accept a challenge as he unlocks techniques, marked with his own unique Avick style. Strong and agile from putting in the time, his approach will leave you with a sense of enjoyment as he makes training fun! Mindful as he reflects and explores movements you will be left inspired to be part of the calisthenics community. Having started his journey entering competitions in Australia, you’ll find him training locally and a likely contender for future things to come.

2017 October Edition


  • 24


How did you start your journey in movement?
I’ve always been an enthusiast of anything involving movement. I was brought up participating in a range of sports at a competitive level however I enjoyed seeing people move in unorthodox movements. In high school I saw a video of Hannibal defying gravity with bodyweight movements which inspired me. I’ve always enjoyed doing dips, pull-ups and push-ups simply because it was the alternative towards doing weights and resistance. Until recently the term ‘calisthenics’ was pushed and I could finally put a name to this form of training. Instagram exposed me to the calisthenics community where I’ve met people who have taught me a lot."


How do you manage training challenges?
“I always have the mentality that I can do anything given that I put in the effort. Whenever I find myself confronted with a training challenge I reflect on how much progress I have made. Whether it is one more rep or holding a static position for 1 second longer you are one step closer than you were before. I sometimes watch old videos for that extra motivation boost to see how far I’ve actually come. ”


What are your thoughts on creativity and sport?
Creativity is a big part of movement. It differentiates people and what makes them unique to their discipline. In professional sport we look up to athletes because of how they ‘creatively’ play their sport. Michael Jordan for instance handles the basketball with such finesse which comes from practicing his own craft unique only to himself. In relation to calisthenics I try to incorporate my own way of freestyle. Flow is to move steadily and continuously which I like to highlight through transferring from bar to bar. I develop my craft to perfection by practicing routines until I’m moving solely on instinct. Fitness is a journey although it is good to draw inspiration from others you should also make it specific to yourself so that you can say you did it you’re own way.”


What role do you think a person’s outlook or approach plays in movement.
Always maintain an optimistic mindset. How you view yourself plays a huge impact on your end results. If you doubt your capabilities your approach will suffer usually at the expense of your performance. At the end of my workouts especially when with my friends I find myself at the park for an extra hour or two reflecting. Reflecting on the workout, how your body feels and general progression towards achieving goals. Personally I find this the most important part of the workout because you allow time for your mind to unwind. A lot of the time we put too much pressure on ourselves if we don’t complete a workout to expectation. Remember to just have fun - relieve yourself of stress by having a talk and/or laugh. Whenever I train with friends we always roast each other”.


What would you recommend for people wanting to start out?
When starting calisthenics you should focus on conditioning the body with the fundamental exercises before moving on. Personally I started off with focusing on pull-ups, dips, push-ups, squats and lunges. From there I moved onto more advanced movements such as muscle-ups. When starting out be sure to remember to start off with the fundamental basics as it is a journey and there is no need to rush it :)

Calisthenics isn’t for everyone. Something that I recommend to anyone wanting to start out is for them to explore different movements and disciplines of training. A lot of gyms offer free trials whether it be for one day of one week. Before you commit to a discipline of training you should take advantage of this and experiment.”


Track you love to train to or calisthenics technique you enjoy doing...
These five songs always get me in the mood to train and do some freestyle;"

1.    Full Force- Ain’t My Type of Hype
2.    Taylor Swift- Shake It Off
3.    Nas- Rule
4.    Evanescence- Bring Me to Life
5.    Tag Team- Whoomp!



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