Between his movement and photography skills it’s easy to see fitness and creativity shining through.  A dedicated athlete with focus and outstanding precision, these movements speak for themselves. Integrating parkour / freerunning into his travel's he captures the essence of Australia, leaving you wanting to explore and take an adventure with him! In combination with his experience, skills and commitment to the movement, his independent nature, curiosity and open minded perspective to challenges will see him reaching new heights up among the stars he so beautifully captures. It’s exciting to introduce this technically strong traceur who is in tune with his mind, body and surroundings.

2017 August Edition


  • 23


How did you start your journey in parkour/freerunning?
“Well back when I was in year 8 in High School, I somehow found out that I could run straight at a wall and get massive amounts of height if I just placed my foot in the right position. My friend then said something like “hey you should get into freerunning!”. I had no idea what parkour or freerunning was at this point, but once I looked it up on YouTube and found videos of people doing crazy movements all over the place I knew I found my ‘thing’."


Is there a parkour / freerunning movement or technique you love to do?
Fast paced fluid lines with small intricate movements. I love it when I can mentally envision a line and then execute it quickly and seamlessly. It almost feels like my body just moves through it without me thinking about it, it’s pretty surreal. ”


What are your thoughts on the physical or mental training aspects of the discipline?
Parkour has definitely given me all sorts of ‘life boosts’. Some of which are general confidence, grit (from drilling things over and over), a way to see the world as basically a massive playground. It’s given me a mindset that allows me to see a problem like just another obstacle (physical and mental) and then I can basically approach it and overcome it with the same mentality I would use if I was training.”


Is there anything you’ve learnt from parkour / freerunning which you’d like to share.
“I think everyone should at least try parkour and/or freerunning. It’ll definitely help you appreciate just how good the human body is at moving about in all sorts of environments”.


Do you integrate parkour / freerunning and photography?
“Yes definitely. I like to take a lot of landscape photos so there’s a lot of hiking involved and sometimes those hikes involve navigating through some rough terrain. Parkour makes going through some these places much easier and safer as it generally makes you assess and consider all sorts of things like momentum control, type and grip of surfaces, handholds in awkward places and bail plans should anything go wrong etc.”


Where do you get inspiration from?
“Everywhere. I like to keep an eye out for anyone doing interesting movements and trying to incorporate them into my own. It could be another traceur doing some weird combo I’ve never seen or even a dancer performing a cool movement that could be blended into a vault (coffee grinders from break dancing for example).”


What role does parkour / freerunning play for you?
“Right now I train Parkour for fun but it’s also a way to maintain my fitness and something to continually work on to be better.”


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