Jack is clearly enjoying the excitement of all that tricking has to offer. Creating lasting memories from his experiences, loving every moment spent moving, exploring what his body is capable of and a rising star in the tricking community. His skills speak for themselves, fuelled by a passion for movement. Training hard has paid off when you watch this modest tricker hit big tricks with style and power. On top of this, you can feel he speaks and moves from a genuine place, it’s easy to see why people want to be around his warm energy. Jack’s independence, consistency and commitment to grow will enable him to embrace the possibilities ahead.

2018 April Edition


  • 22
  • 'THE TOUR' SPECIAL GUEST (American Tricking Tour) 
  • PART OF TEAM RAWR (JFB, Phill Gibbs, Joelan Wong, Mitch Jeffrey and Tim Farley)


How did you start your journey in tricking
“ I first started tricking around 2010. Initially I learnt to backflip on a trampoline in a friend's backyard, from that point on I became obsessed with everything to do with backflips. I then taught myself to do it on grass and became one of those flipper kids in high school that would backflip off anything and everything that I could, whenever given the opportunity to do a flip - I would. One of my close mates Jay Young showed me a video of Phill Gibbs, it was a tricking sampler and it just blew my mind, it lit a serious fire underneath me. I would watch videos of tricking on the internet every day (I still do) and go out into my backyard after school and try to copy what I was seeing. I'd be out there every day basically as soon as I got home from school until the sun went down. I felt really awkward in the beginning and a little embarrassed but eventually I got the hang of moving around like that and it became a serious passion. I remember this one specific day, I would have only been tricking for about 4 months... A bunch of friends and I met up at the local touch football fields, we went around the whole city of Mackay tricking, training at any and all grassy areas we could find for about 9 or 10 hours.  I remember feeling so content and so set on the idea that tricking was something I was going to be doing for a very long time and I knew I had to meet other trickers and train with them and experience other tricking communities.


Tell us about tricking life in Australia?
“The tricking scene in Australia is fucking dope - For the last 5 or 6 years I've been hopping between Brisbane and Sydney, living there and tricking with everyone and loving it. Both Brisbane and Sydney hold a very special place in my heart. The communities out there are incredible, so encouraging and motivating - seriously some of the best people in the world. I lived in the Sydney Tricker House for about 4 years and that was insane. It's literally a house full of trickers, at one stage there was about 12 of us in the one house. It caused for some crazy times that's for sure.. It's still kicking about these days, people coming and going, visiting and experiencing Sydney's scene. It's definitely one to stop by and check out if you're ever in the area! In terms of community training and stuff - there are set days during the week, usually nights where we'd go to a cheerleading gym or a gymnastics facility and train for a couple of hours. Occasionally there would be an outing where we would all go out and trick on grass and make a day of it but I'd say tricking in a gym is predominantly how we train for the most part. It's somewhat safer and less stressful on the joints ”


What are some of your highlights so far?
“In 2015 I attended the annual Loopkicks gathering in San Jose, California (Thanks to the LK guys for flying me out! ❤). That was my first big international gathering and it was one of the best tricking experiences I've ever had. Meeting everyone who attended, watching their videos online, connecting with them via social media beforehand, then actually getting to trick with them in person and hang out was an experience. The gathering was so smoothly run and was so accommodating for anyone interested in the tricking movement. One for the books for sure. 2016 I went to Amsterdam for what I'd say is the biggest annual gathering called Hooked. Relatively new in terms of how many years it has been operating for and my god was that a time and a half. Being at hooked really opened my eyes to what is humanly possible in the tricking world. So many talented, creative, hard working individuals under the same roof, training hard, putting on fantastic shows and not to mention the hospitality of the gathering organisers: Danny Kenniphaas and Laurent Arrabito, was nothing short of incredible. Definitely an experience I will cherish forever.


What does your training involve?
“My training involves 6 hours of tricking per week, 3 nights of 2 hour sessions. Now that I live in Melbourne I don't have such a large tricking specific community to train with so it's different to what I'm used to but I'm still enjoying every minute of it. I currently train at the National Institute of Circus Arts. Every session is filled with at least 20 people who come from all kinds of movement backgrounds: Tricking, Breakdancing, Dancing, Circus, Cheerleading etc. So there is a huge amount of diversity and such a great vibe to every session. When I'm training I like to work on swings and mainly power moves. I've always felt like they've been more enticing to me and easier to achieve as opposed to the intricate, very technical moves and kicks... (I guess you could say I'm a basic bitch haha). But the big tricks, twisting and overall speed and power are definitely where my heads at when I'm training. There's a small attraction to other aspects of tricking like creativity and a sense of wanting to be 'all rounded' which I sometimes work on, but I usually just fall back into the swing and power game and that's 100% okay with me.”


Do you have any suggestions for developing tricking skills?
“To those people out there wanting to further their tricking skills or to even start tricking I say find your niche, stick with it and train. Find people who inspire you, who push you to your limits and love training as much as you do. It is essential to be surrounded by like-minded individuals, in any aspect but for tricking it is a must in my eyes. I wholeheartedly wouldn't be at the tricking level I am today without all of the people I've trained with/lived with/travelled with.  In terms of fitness I think you HAVE to be conditioning in order to progress. There's a certain point (from my experience) that you hit in tricking where your natural strength and flexibility won't help you. Everyone I know that tricks has some form of regime they like to follow. Whether that may be working out, stretching, dieting etc. It all helps. If you have a healthy body, you'll be at the top of your game and you'll reach your goals a lot faster. You'll also be injured a whole lot less too!”


Where do you get your motivation from?
“I find my motivation in other people before I find it in myself. I love watching other people trick and hit their goals and getting to experience that overwhelming excitement with them. If you've ever been in a gym when someone lands a new trick for the first time, you'll completely understand what I'm talking about. It's unreal. But when it comes down to it just being able to move the way I can motivates me every day. I never thought, as a 14 year old when I first learned to backflip that I would be where I am today, and have the experiences and the memories I've acquired just through the love of movement and following my heart and making decisions against all odds to get where I needed to be. And there's still sooooo much more to experience, I love Tricking!”


What’s next for JFB? 
“This year I'm getting ready to head back out the United States for the Tricking Tour. I was lucky enough to be invited out as a Tour Guest which means I will be touring all over America teaching seminars and tricking/battling/loving it with everyone involved for 2 whole months thanks to the amazing teams involved for sponsoring the event and choosing me. Super exciting stuff and I can't freaking wait! It's going to be life changing for sure :D. I'm also going to attend the homeland gathering: Australian Tricks Gathering which will be in January of 2019. It'll be in Brisbane and I have a feeling it's going to be nuts. The organisers are creating something very special and I can't wait to see the final product of all the hard work they've been putting in!”


What are your thoughts on creativity and tricking?
“I definitely think Tricking is a creative outlet. It's an emotional outlet, it's a physical outlet. It's just one big ole outlet for anyone willing to give it a try. The levels of creativity have been increasing through generation to generation and it's getting more creative every year. The bars are being raised to new heights, new and bigger tricks are being stomped, new variations are coming out to play and it’s incredibly exciting to see. The game is getting insane, actually. The accomplishments that are being made right now are mind blowing. Events are happening left right and centre and people are becoming public figures and acquiring sponsorships through well-known companies such a Reebok and Redbull. Tricking's future is definitely looking bright! I don't necessarily have any other creative outlets, I am also a trampoline enthusiast, which I feel is too similar to tricking to call it a separate outlet. They go hand in hand, personally.”



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