This down to earth and modest tricker shares a little about his experiences and insights into the tricking world in this feature. With a unique and recognisable style, his hard work and committment to the practice has lead him to sponsorships with Torque Tricking (USA) and Level Up Academy (UK). Its clear tricking has got a hold of him although there's definitely space in heart from his furry companions, his dogs.  This creative individual will keep striving to progress, hitting the big tricks and making appearances at tricking gatherings around the globe.

2017 June Edition


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How did you get into tricking?
I started taekwondo when I was five years old,  I practiced taekwondo for around 9 years, with a year of karate thrown in there. I had always been a hyper-active little boy, throwing flips before really knowing what they were. A friend of my sisters showed me some videos of Anis Cheurfa, and I instantly knew what I wanted to do. I started going to open gym sessions so I could train in a safe environment around people that could help me. I also used to go train on the grass in my spare time, sometimes rather than socialising.

Ever since I’ve never been able to stop thinking about Tricking


What is it about tricking that appeals to you?
The freedom. You are truly free to do whatever you want, there are no restrictions as there are in gymnastics, having to do things a certain way.. Tricking is all about being an individual and expressing yourself. ”


What do you think makes a good tricker?
Somebody who is willing to fall lots of times, knowing they’re going to have to train for it.
Nothing is given, and many people quit at the first hurdle.”


Tell us about your experience representing Torque Tricking.
Representing Torque Tricking has been a major part of my tricking. When I first received the invitation I was ecstatic, and it just fuelled me with passion to become better every day, it was really uplifting. Representing Torque has also meant that I’ve had opportunities such as going to America for two weeks to be special guest at a Tricking gathering, and I would never have been able to afford to do by myself. I am currently sponsored by Level Up gym which is allowing me to what I do, so big thanks to them”.


Favourite Trick?
I love the weird tricks, the ones that make you rewind and try to figure out what happened.
I’m also a fan of very big tricks that take a lot of leg, like the Shurikencutter”


What are your thoughts on the future of tricking?
It looks promising, tricking is growing more rapidly than ever and it’s great to see all the young guns coming out in full force”


Can you tell us about The Garrison..
The Garrison is awesome. It’s a tricker house consisting of 4 of the most well known trickers around.
Alex Omidvar, Sam Plummer, Kyle Skelly, and Sean Sevestre. They’re all great guys, doing massive things for tricking, especially Kyle who is now running a YouTube channel that goes by the name of ‘Plan Zero’. He’s really taking tricking to the masses and it’s great to see.”



Catch him next at:

Scottish Power 2 Gathering : 22nd - 24th July

Genetrics Gathering :  25th - 28th August


Find out more and follow Jordan at:

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YouTube:                /Jordan360Z

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