Meet Molly, she’s following her vision and sharing the creative results with the world. Undoubtedly strong and balanced she has integrated variation into her training journey, transitioning though movements and styles and into Calisthenics. It’s motivating to see her hard work and commitment, watching progressions and enjoyment from filling your life with the things you love. We look forward to seeing more as she beautifully discovers and unlocks techniques.. 

2018 February Edition


  • 23


How did you start your movement journey?
“When I was 18 I took a pole dance class at a local pole studio. I did pole fitness for about two years. Then I started lifting weights and going to the gym. I competed in a bikini contest after lifting for about 2 years. After my bikini show was over I started doing more calisthenics.  I currently like to practice hand balancing; calisthenics, yoga and occasionally I play on aerial equipment and do partner acrobatics. I am also on a mission to learn how to flip. I always wanted to do gymnastics as a kid so now I am learning"


What is it that interests you about movement?
I like the feeling of being able to control my body how and when I want.  I like that you can change the movement and make it your own style”


What's your focus when you training?
When I train I focus on having variation in my training. I aim to have a mix of dynamic and static exercises. I am currently working on my staled press and my back handspring! I also think it is important to freestyle and have fun"


As you master particular movements, what do you place emphasis on?
I emphasize on technique form.”


Do you have any tips for working on improving handstands/balancing?
Spend as much time as you can upside down! Handstands take a long time to learn. The more time you spend practicing handstands the better you will become at them. Make sure you are creating a solid foundation from the ground up by focusing on your line. Practice other arm balances such as crow! Bent arm strength is important too. Surround yourself with good people who will motivate you and encourage you on your handstand journey!


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