Planning for Trickings Return


By JJ Battell


With numerous tricking events on hold, how are you going to decide which ones to go to when they are back? Here are some key points to help you decide



Location is the first thing to think about. If a gathering is taking place somewhere that you’ve never been to before, it is definitely worth going the extra mile for a new experience. And if its somewhere you’ve already been, ask yourself if you enjoyed it? Was it worth it? And would you do it again?

You want to try to travel for a reasonable price with minimal hassle, time of year and weather are also influential factors. Warm gatherings have the potential for additional activities e.g. grass or beach sessions, you can make them into tricking sun holidays. Winter gatherings can also make for equally amazing experiences, one of my favourite gatherings was a winter gathering (TrickBeast, Kosice Slovakia - February 2018). Not only did I get to trick hard but I got to experience a completely new city and culture.


High Tatra Mountains (Shoutout to Ed Mochnáč for making that possible)




Cost of travel, entry fees and accommodation need to be considered. For gathering passes look at what’s included in the different options but I would usually recommend getting day or weekend passes and then find your own accommodation.

Take advantage of discounts that the gatherings may provide for local accommodation. In my experience paying a little extra for a hotel room or an Air BnB is one hundred percent worth it, especially for events that span across several days. Shocking as it may be, foam pits don’t make for a good sleeping spot.

Events love to have international participants, so if you’re planning to travel far in order to attend an event, it might be an idea to reach out to the organisers to see if there are any options for discounted entry fees. This won’t always be available but the worst that they can say is no, it could save you some money.




The guest list often makes you pose that initial question of “Should I go?”

It’s great when a guest list has diversity. Everyone wants to get hype and witness the trending killers smashing world’s firsts, but it can be just as valuable seeing unique style and execution.

Being able to meet and converse with guests is important, although at large scale events you will rarely get an opportunity with everyone.

Guests are great but who you go with is usually what makes your experience. If you can attend a gathering with friends you’re almost guaranteed a good time. Whether you travel by yourself or with others it’s a great opportunity to mix with new people too, trickers are cool people.


Hooked via JJ Battell




An important question to ask yourself is “What you’d like to get out of it?" If you want to go and have a training weekend then facilities are going to be important. Trampolines are great for warm ups and cool downs, pits are awesome for learning new tricks, and multiple floors means more training time with no fighting for a pass in the forever shrinking tricking circles.

If you’re looking for battle experience, consider the categories available and the prizes up for grabs - perhaps your trip could end up paying for itself.  Whether you compete, watch or train it’s highly likely you’ll make some unforgettable memories and have an amazing time.



Hooked via JJ Battell