Bar Trick Parkour is a community of creative movement. Making connections effortless, meaning more energy for your goals. You’re in the right place, if you love the feeling when you move, learn a new trick and discover what your body is capable of. We love it too. We advocate movement and opportunities which support your journey to Amaze Yourself. This is just the start of our vision, as a global platform for the movement community.

Our Story

Always seeking ways to combine my love of movement and creativity towards something greater, I created a tool for connections and a place to explore opportunities. With an aim to create an alternative to time spent checking or missing things on a social media amongst a broad range of content and create a dedicated go to collective for movement. Starting small, the company has evolved being part of leading and first time events, engaging with the community around the world and celebrating the successes our first sponsored athlete. Based in Australia and connected internationally, the platform is supported by a team of collaborators who are experts in calisthenics, tricking, parkour and freerunning who are driven by movement.

Founder | Nina Leelah


Create listings to promote your training services, events or brands which support people's movement journey. A place to collaborate, inspire, connect the community and the drive the development of movement.


A dedicated platform for the movement community. With built in features to browse, search and save it makes global connections easy meaning more energy for your goals and movement lifestyle.


Find in person or online training providers to unlock new techniques. Explore inspiring events, great to connect with likeminded people and discover products and services to support your movement needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Stop by the site at any time to explore events happening in the community around the world, with the unique ability to search and filter all from one platform designed specifically for movement. As an event host you can let people know different about types of events for example a Calisthenics Competition, Tricking Battle or Freerunning documentary screening.

You can find or promote your training services, whether it’s online training or connecting with local trainers or groups passionate and skilled in these movements. Easily locate facilities which are nearby or in the area you are travelling to, to try out the foundations or find a space where you can take your techniques to the next level.

With the added bonus of being able to browse products and services to support your movement journey in our brand directory.

Listings which you will find on the site are focused around Calisthenics, Tricking, Parkour and Freerunning. However within the site you can create custom tags to suit your need for example if you are running a specific workshop such as handstands, kicks, tumbling, or backflips etc. You can also create listings for related services whether that is Ninja training or a trampoline venue etc. Custom tags and listings outside of our core filters can be found under 'other'.

You can browse the platform without a profile however by creating a profile you are able to save events so you can easily see things which you may want to attend, look out for the live stream or follow.

If you have a profile you can also create listings which appear on the site, these are available for movement based - event hosts, training providers or a brand offering products or services. If you have a profile as a practitioner or athlete and start to offer training or merchandise for example you have the option to create listings.

If you have created events, training or brand listings these can be found in the results pages of the sites for users to see, this includes the information about your listing and the provider.

Only you can see within your profile. When we make improvements to profile features we will keep you informed.

You can browse the site and create a profile for free.

Also with this beta release you get the added bonus of being able to create listings for free during this time.

We are an online platform however check out the Community page to find out about how we are supporting athletes and movements around the globe.

Although we are not an event host, we are supporting new and existing events. As an Australian company we are also proudly supporting the development of these sports in Australia, sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date.

This release of this site is designed to enable connections to brands which support movement athletes. Within the brand directory you can find relevant links to get the products and services, purchases are made outside of the platform

Although each is practice is unique, they are accessible ways to train in the environment around you. Some of the things we love about these movements is that they are more of a freestyle, expressive and creative version of the formal disciplines which feature similar techniques. We work with collaborators who are experts in these movements around the globe including AAPES Parkour (Australia), Venice Dynamics (USA) and UTX Tricking (UK). Calisthenics is a form of bodyweight training which you may see things like reps & sets, static holds and freestyle flow. You might see Trickers practice individual tricks or create combo’s of explosive freestyle kicks and twists. Parkour and freerunning involves techniques to move through the environment, with varying emphasis on speed or creativity. The movement community is inspiring, positive and fun to be of. The great thing about these movements is how they make you feel as opportunity to feel free and amaze yourself.